editing / writing / proofreading

The services

The editing practice™ offers three types of services:

  • Editing

  • Writing

  • Proofreading

The editing practice™ caters for two client groups:

  • Governments, Businesses, Associations and Not-for-Profits

  • Professionals, Executives and Business Owners

The Editing Practice Services Editing


My editing services help transform your writing into clear and coherent, prose that is both engaging and easily understood. Depending on your needs, I can perform three types of editing for you: structural editing (also known as substantive editing), stylistic editing and copyediting, plus an option for doing all three, which I call comprehensive editing.

With a structural edit, I take a holistic look at your written work to see how its various parts hang together and support your key assertions and messages. I then make suggestions as to where your document’s content, organisation and presentation might be improved.

In a stylistic edit, I focus on reviewing your writing line-by-line for clarity, flow, tone and language, checking to see that it is appropriate for your topic and intended audience. I then make comments and suggestions for rephrasing anything that is unclear or awkward.

During the copyediting stage, l look to correct any mechanical errors or inconsistencies in your use of language (e.g., grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc.). I also look to see how consistent you are with your capitalisation, punctuation, hyphenation, etc. Then, I check all your facts about, names, dates, sources, locations and so forth for their accuracy.


The Editing Practice Services Writing


Not everyone has the time to research great content, hone their writing skills or master a style guide. Using methods refined over many years, I can ghost write for you, producing text that engages your readers and gets your business and other messages across clearly and convincingly, saving you time and worry. True story.


The Editing Practice Services Proofreading


Sometimes, we can get so close to our writing that we fail to notice simple errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar, which can be embarrassing. As an experienced proof-reader, I can do those last-minute checks for possible errors and layout problems for you, before your work is published.


Client specific services


Governments, Businesses, Associations and Not-for-Profits

Writing is good for an organisation’s business and reputation—so it’s worth doing well. But not all organisations have the resources or know-how to ensure their communications always click with their audience and present them in the best light. The editing practice™ offers personalised editing, writing and proofreading support to organisations with the following:

  • Reports, whitepapers and case studies

  • Organisational policies and manuals

  • Strategic, business and Internal communication plans

  • Terms of reference, MOAs and other partnering agreements

  • Grant applications and government submissions

  • Project/ change management plans

  • Meeting agendas, agenda items and minutes

  • Newsletters, both in-house and external

  • Web page content

Professionals, Executives and Business Owners

As a busy professional, executive or business owner you face many competing demands, which can often leave you with less time to devote to your writing tasks. Having assisted and advised people working in leadership and other demanding roles for many years, I have a first-hand understanding of the communications challenges you face, and how to help you overcome them. At the editing practice™, I can support you with editing, writing and proofreading the following:

  • Cover letters, resumes and biographies

  • Board and award submissions/ applications

  • Speeches and presentations

  • Autobiographies

  • Blog articles and opinion pieces

  • Letters, emails and other business correspondence

  • Internal team messages

  • Position descriptions, interview questions and selection criteria

  • Professional development writing tasks


For personalised editing, writing and proofreading services that save you time and stress as well as make you look good…